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To be a Portuguese citizen the grandson of a Portuguese must prove that he has an effective connection with the Portuguese community. Legislation determines what is “effective community liaison”, as described below:

“The Government recognizes that there are links of effective liaisons with the national community when the declarant, at the time of the request, fulfils for instance, one of the following requirements:”

 1) Enrollement in the tax administration (NIF) and the National Health Service;

2º) Legally resides in Portuguese territory for three years and demonstrates knowledge of the Portuguese language or is a legal resident in Portuguese territory within five years immediately prior to the request.


Contributions to prove such a connection:

1-Legal residence in national territory;

2-Regular travels to Portugal;

3-A property in your name for over three years;

4-Rental of a property in Portugal formalized for more than three years;

5-Connection to a Portuguese historical community abroad;

6-Regular participation over the last five years from the date of the request in the cultural life of the Portuguese community of the country where he lives, namely in the activities of the Portuguese cultural and recreational associations with these communities.


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