Nationality establishes to which country the rights and duties of a person are linked; it is the legal bond that links a person to a state.

Portuguese nationality can be acquired at birth or during life and can also be forfeited.

Portuguese law allows a Portuguese to have other nationalities. Therefore, it is not necessary to give up another nationality to acquire Portuguese nationality. However, the laws of other countries may require you to relinquish Portuguese nationality to have the nationality of one of these countries.

 The legal regime of Portuguese nationality is established by Law No. 2/2006 of 17th of April and regulated by Decree-Law No. 237-A / 2006 of 14th of December.

 Declarations for the attribution, acquisition or loss of nationality and naturalization of foreigners are subject to mandatory registration, which will then be drawn up by note or registration, with the competent Portuguese authorities.

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