GOLDEN VISA - Residence Permit for Investment Purposes

Holder Benefits:

1-Enter Portugal without residence visa waiver;

2-Reside and work in Portugal, must stay in Portugal for at least 7 days in the first year and more than 14 days in subsequent years;

3-Circulate through the Schengen area without a visa;

4-Benefit of a family reunification;

5-Request the granting of Permanent Residence Authorization under the Aliens Law (Law No. 23/2007 of 4th of July, pursuant to the legislation in force);

6-Possibility to apply for the acquisition of Portuguese nationality by naturalization, fulfilling the other requirements by the Nationality Law (Law No. 37/81 of 3rd of October, pursuant to the legislation in force).

 Beneficiaries of this residence permit are all third-country nationals who pursue an investment activity, either in person or through a company incorporated in Portugal or another EU State and established in Portugal, who meet one of the quantitative requirements and the temporal requirement of the applicable law.


Forms of Investment Activities in the context of Golden Visa:

1-The transfer of capital of EUR 1 million or more;

2-The creation of at least 10 jobs;

3-The acquisition of real estate with a value of 500 thousand euros or more;

4-Acquisition of a property which the construction has been completed for at least 30 years or located in an urban rehabilitation area and the carrying out of rehabilitation works of the acquired real estate, in the total amount of 350 thousand euros or more;

5-Transfer of capital in the amount of 350 thousand euros or more, which is applied in research activities carried out by public or private scientific research institutions, integrated in the national scientific and technological system;

6-Transfer of capital in the amount of 250 thousand euros or more to be invested in support of artistic production, restoration or maintenance of national cultural heritage through services of central and peripheral administration, public institutes, entities that make up the public corporate sector, public foundations, private foundations with public utility status, intercity entities, entities that make up the local business sector, municipal associative entities and public cultural associations, which pursue attributions in the area of ​​artistic production, restoration or maintenance of national cultural heritage;

7-Transfer of capital in the amount of 500 thousand euros or more, for the acquisition of investment funds or venture capital units dedicated to the capitalization of small and medium-sized companies that present the respective capitalization plan that proves itself viable.

Submission of application at SEF - Aliens and Borders Service:

The request must be made online through a lawyer duly authorized to do so with the respective forensic power of attorney.

 Required Documents:

1-Passport or other valid travel document;

2-Proof of entry and legal stay in National Territory;

3-Proof of health protection (issued within 3 months of submission of all legally required documentation), namely:

1-Document certifying coverage by the National Health Service, or;

2-Document demonstrating that you are the holder of health insurance recognized internationally for the period of legal residence requested or the possibility of automatic renewal of the respective policy;

4-Certificate of criminal record - duly certified by the Portuguese diplomatic or consular representative - from the country of origin, or from the country where you have lived for more than one year, when you do not reside in that country. This document must be translated into Portuguese and issued no later than 3 months before all legally required documentation has been submitted;

5-Completion of Application (the approved model) containing the authorization to consult the Portuguese Criminal Record;

6-Statement of Honour Commitment, whereby the applicant declares to comply with the minimum quantitative and temporal requirements (5 years) of the activity invested in National Territory;

7-Proof of the regularized contributory situation by filing a declaration of no-debt issued, 45 days in advance, by the Tax and Customs Authority and the Social Security or, if this is not possible, a declaration of non-existence of registration with these entities;

8-Receipt of payment of ARI application fee.


Specific documents should be required depending on the investment made, such as (for example):

1-Statement of authorized credit institution or registration in national territory from Banco de Portugal, certifying the ownership, free of encumbrances and charges of accounts with a value equal to or greater than 1 million euros, resulting from an international transfer or a share, in the case of collective accounts;

2-Social Security Certificate in compliance with the enrolment of workers, with a maximum leave of 45 days and individual employment contracts celebrated;

3-Listing of real estate or promissory purchase and sale agreement;

4-Certificate of the Registry Office, issued up to 45 days in advance, with registration, endorsements and inscriptions in force, demonstrating the existence of real estate property which is free of charges or collection or land registration certificate in which the provisional registration is recorded and valid, based on the promissory contract of sale, whenever legally viable;

5-Property Legal Description (Caderneta Predial), whenever legally possible;

6-Commercial registration certificate, issued up to 45 days in advance, if it is made through quotas with proof that the applicant is a partner;

7-Documentary evidence related to the rehabilitation, in case the property was purchased for 350 thousand euros and is over 30 years old;

8-Proof of payment through authorized credit institution or registered in Portugal with Banco de Portugal.

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